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The world's first decentralised digital asset platform for education

RocketShoes is the first education platform where students take ownership over their own learning. Produce and tag learning materials, assignments, notes, and digital assets with proof of ownership on the blockchain and data securely stored on the decentralised web. Educational institutions can manage large amounts of content in a way that was not previously possible.


Our Story

RocketShoes was founded in Melbourne by Matt Riddle, our CEO. With over 25 years in innovation and strategy involving technologies in higher education, Matt was motivated to bring the benefits a radically new approach to transformation in education leveraging emerging technologies.  He met Co-Founder Kieran Nolan, a Blockchain expert with over a decade experience in K-12 education, and RocketShoes quickly established itself at the cutting edge, using the best of the next generation of technologies to revolutionise the way we learn.

COVID REsponse

We are now offering a suite of services that are experiencing increasing demand during the COVID-19 crisis. Please contact us for an initial conversation so we can tailor our service to your needs.


Executive coaching, including career development, and leadership in a time of change, professional and career coaching, and design thinking to pivot your business.


Designing online learning. We have decades of experience in designing courseware for blended and online learning, including educational design, e-Learning content creation, quality assurance and testing, and learning experience, user experience and interactive design.


We offer advisory services in online education, including moving online, designing high quality learning experiences, and training teaching teams for online learning delivery.

The RocketShoes Team

Who’s Who


Matt Riddle

CEO and Founder


An expert in educational innovation with a career spanning over 25 years, my focus is improving learners’ lives using emerging educational technologies and learning space design (physical and virtual). Previous roles include acting Pro Vice-Chancellor and Director of Educational Innovation at La Trobe University, and Research Associate at the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies at the University of Cambridge.

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